As a a holistic health coach I focus on supporting my clients to feel healthy and vital. I view health as how one feels mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Are you excited to get out of bed? Do you feel rested? Do you reach for something that nourishes your body first thing everyday or some thing that makes you feel sluggish? How about your thoughts? Are they uplifting or feelings of despair? What kind of self care are you practicing? I believe there are certain self care tools that are right for each individual. Perhaps that means breathing techniques to reduce a racing heart, or starting the day with some stretches and drinking water. Do you want to fill up your cup with goodness and allow it to flow over onto others?

I truly enjoy bringing inspiration to my clients and everyone around me. To inspire Is to breathe life into another’s heart. To support them in feeling joyful to be alive. Ultimately every being wants to be happy and to achieve this happiness there has to be self care. To feel happy and love for oneself will lead to the overflow of kindness on to others around us. This is what I am about. I work with each client individually. I focus on your unique expression and how to shine your inner light most brightly. I do this through personal goal setting and accountability. We set up 1 hour sessions every 2 weeks for 3 or 6 month increments. The goals that you set relate to nutrition, exercise, self care, nourishing relationships and connection with something deeper via spiritual awareness. I provide recipes that are appropriate for you and your taste buds, food sensitivities and allergies are fully considered. I also provide emails and handouts that support holistic wellness. I am a aromatherapy educator, so I usually enjoy bringing essential oil use into our sessions if you are interested in that modality.

Are you ready to discover ease in your unique wellness journey?