Finding Your Balance

Have you ever heard of healthy eating becoming unhealthy? Hard to believe it, but it’s true. The official term is Orthorexia Nervosa. It happens when the extreme of health consciousness occurs. I am always talking about finding your individual balance. It is a journey and what works one day may not be what you need the next. I have been on the path of holistic wellness for the past 9 years and wow- what a journey it is! I have studied so many different modalities to find out that most of them clash in some philosophy or principle.

My goal has been to discover the common thread amongst all the phenomenal information that presents itself to me. I look for the truth and what resonates for my needs. I use discernment in this process and I enter this journey with an open heart and mind – One without the other will not help me. I have felt times when I was heading in the extreme direction of health and when look back at that time I realize I was rigid and closed to other possibilities entering my world. Now I practice 80/20. This is when 80% of the time I eat very clean and healthy and 20% of the time I can use for eating out or indulging in a chocolate delight.

I encourage you to take a look at your lifestyle and notice how you feel about your daily choices. Are they serving you and uplifting you? Is health a four letter word for you or something that you equate to upliftment and vitality? Enjoy the journey and aim for what you align with and that which makes you feel good – not just a burst of joy but a sustainable joy! Be mindful of excessive choices and keep the balance.