High Vibes Smoothie

untitledI have been playing around with a variety of different nutrient dense combinations and usually I whip up a different one everyday. I have been taught by my amazing teacher, Andrea Nakayama of www.Replenishpdx.com the importance of combining fat, fiber and protein with each meal and snack that we eat. This a crucial nutritious component for balancing blood sugar & energy levels. It also effects our mood when we are balanced in the aforementioned. Think about the brain gut connection. The gut is the 2nd brain.

Let’s commit to treating the body and brain soundly and keep it balanced with: nourishing food, contemplative practices (meditation, prayer, journaling) appropriate exercise, adequate sleep, plenty of laughter, quality time with friends and family to feel the connectedness we yearn for and seek your true purpose through service.

Ingredients (organic is strongly suggested):

1/4 cup handful of almonds
2 T of ground chia seeds and/or hemp seeds
2 kale leaves – deveined (some people may like spinach)
1/2 granny smith apple cored and roughly chopped
1 T hemp powder protein
1/4 tsp. blue-green algae or spirulina
¾-1 c of hemp milk (or milk of your choice)
handful frozen blueberries or a tsp of maple syrup
1/4 tsp. cinnamon (optional)

Soak the almonds overnight in a small bowl. In the morning, rinse and drain the almonds. Another option is to peel/remove the almond skins (this helps with digestibility of the almonds). First add the almonds and/or chia or hemp seeds next add the powders and milk. Finally add kale, apple, blueberries. Blend with zest, because you are going to feel great after you drink this nutrient rich combination. Serves 1

For added healthy fat, you can add 1/2 avocado or a Tablespoon of coconut butter.

Note: I just got the Magic Bullet as a Mother’s Day gift from my thoughtful mama and I Iove it. It is easy to pack up and take on the road so you can stay nourished even while traveling. It is super powerful and easy to clean.