Nutrient Rich Granola Bites

granolaThe journey of health and wellness as a Holistic Health Coach is consistently opening new doors & opportunities. The latest nutritional information & research is often popping up in my inbox and I often experiment with new concepts and decide if the most current philosophy resonates with my truth and my individual & family needs. I do feel that it is crucial to eliminate as much processed food from my family’s diet as possible. So many products (even the “healthy” versions) are filled with sugar substitutes and other fillers that make for a longer shelf life.

So, when I find a recipe like the one I stumbled upon from The Tasty Alternative, I stick with it and make it work for my family by eliminating the allergens and adding other nutrient dense substitutes.

Here is the original recipe: The Tasty Alternative Hemp Seed Granola Bites

  • I substituted almond butter for the cashew butter because Jaiden is allergic to cashews.
  • I also did the same with switching out pumpkin seeds instead of sunflower seeds.
  • One batch I added some unsweetened shredded coconut flakes and added dried cherries – YUM!

Enjoy with a glass of Pacific brand hemp milk. I prefer the original flavor because it does not include the additive carrageenan. To find out more about carrageenan and why you want to avoid it, please click here.

***note the Native Forest brand coconut milk has a BPA-free lining in their cans***


2 thoughts on “Nutrient Rich Granola Bites

  1. Great approach you have beneficially created. You family and communicants are the beneficiaries of your experiences. Keep it up. Love, dad

  2. Maybe you should have added the fact that your mother, who is a “sweet treat” expert,
    thought they were fantastic and made her feel healthy and happy!

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