Taking the Cold Plunge~

photo(4)Hydrate Yourself in More Than One Way~

I decided not to write about cold showers in the middle of winter so I patiently waited until hotter & more humid weather.

If you haven’t heard about the benefits of toggling between vasoconstriction and vasodilation through the use of cold and hot water then you may be intrigued with a medical treatment that’s been circulating (no pun intended) since the 1920s known as hydrotherapy.

I personally enjoy ending my warm shower by shutting off the hot water entirely and being invigorated by the cold water.  I started enjoying this years ago so it has become second nature for me to do this.  I mostly enjoy the clear mind that comes  with this practice.  Some people would never think of doing this because cold water sounds quite awful.  I encourage you to skim this article and maybe you will give it a try.

I should mention, I love going directly from a steam room or hot tub into a cold plunge.  I just think it is so incredibly refreshing that nothing else compares. 

How about a hike that ends with a refreshing dip in a clean & cold river or swimming hole?  Or better yet, a waterfall plunge (note: side picture of Dave, my husband getting right under one the rejuvenating falls of WNC.)

Are you interested in additional support for any of the following bodily functions:
improved blood circulation, managing depression, strengthening the immune system, increasing metabolism, overall hair & skin health and restoring hormone balance. If so, click here to read a more in depth article about different uses of hydrotherapy.

This is just one of the many ways to use water as a means of cleansing & awakening.

Perhaps, I will explore other modalities that include water as a means of cleansing with you in the near future.  Remember what I’ve said in the past, if awareness in the key to living more consciously, then awakening is needed to do so. 

Why not shift towards awareness with a cold blast and see how you feel!



One thought on “Taking the Cold Plunge~

  1. I look forward to the steam room and cold plunge after working out at my gym. Sometimes will rotate in and out of steam and cold showers a few times. Very uplifting and eases the soul in so many way. Thanks sis…

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