Lioness Camp – June 2016

Lioness Self Defense
Through the Arts

Summer Camp for Girls 11-14
June 6 – 10th, 9 am – 4 pm

Odyssey Community School
90 Zillicoa Street
Asheville, NC


Join Lioness Camp in Partnership with Odyessy Community School, for an inspiring and dynamic new approach to confidence-building. It is our dream to support young women to develop the confidence to move with pride, grace, and fierceness in the world.  Our vision is to find innovative ways to ensure their safety in the greater world through creative education developing greater confidence, verbal and nonverbal communication, clear boundaries, and trust in their own intuition through the arts.

Each day will feature a different teacher and art form, through which the girls will learn to connect to their movement, posture, breathing, and personal space as well as verbal and nonverbal communication skills.  The arts will include drumming, singing, dance, yoga, theater, martial arts, and visual art.  Each day will be a new art form, taught by local performing artists!



For more information:
Beth Bluth
(828) 273-8448

Heather Cohen
(541) 231-6353

Click here for our website.


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