Beth’s Approach

Each Flower Essence session is holistic and an inquiry, with the foundation of open and intuitive awareness. My mission is to co-create with my clients so they can easily access their inner authority and a non-reactive state of relaxed awareness. I serve to inspire, integrate and bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. I am direct yet flexible, and my sessions are woven with humor and compassion

I work with the Flower Essences to guide my clients to neutral (non-reactive) presence with their physical and emotional bodies. I ask them to listen and pay close attention to anything new they notice arising in the moment. Often sessions involve unveiling old patterns and programs that no longer serve. Each Flower Essence session is informed by a synthesis of different modalities from my studies of over 20 years. This includes essential oils, herbs, holistic nutrition, TCM, yoga, Ayurveda, homeopathy and crystal therapy. Different modalities will come in to intuitively support the Flower Essences which act as the primary medium to transmit the information. In my experience, Flower Essences are the most effective form of getting directly to the issues at hand, but in a very gentle and supportive way. As I channel from various wisdom sources, I am abiding, listening, and sharing in the present moment with my clients.