What They Are Saying About Beth…

“Beth is awesome! My demanding job puts me in front of my computer 12 hours a day,my meals were anything I could scarf down while working, and my exercise routine went from 4-5x a week to nothing. My weight ballooned 25 lbs, my sleep schedule was awful, and I gobbled down ibuprofen like it was candy for my everyday muscle aches and headaches.

Beth set me straight. She is very passionate about what she does, and really cares about her clients, something I recognized from the moment I first started speaking with her. We analyzed and refined my diet, we came up with a plan for the foods to eliminate, what foods to add, and more importantly explained why. She sent me the most scrumptious & easy to make recipes which are a staple in my diet. Beth explained the benefits of a litany of essential oils, peppermint oil is my favorite and an excellent replacement for my Advil habit. Thanks to her encouragement I stuck to an exercise routine and lost that 25lbs in 5 months! I feel so much better physically and mentally since she did the first health history consultation with me. I am full of energy, I keep up with my toddler and I don’t stress the small stuff.

Thanks Beth.”
Peter Falk, CEO of JaxtrawPoker

“Beth and I participated in the same IIN Study Group for one year. As a member of this group, Beth was very impressive in her knowledge, organization, and ability to ask appropriate and meaningful questions. Also we worked together on a 6-month Holistic Health Coaching internship where Beth was my personal health coach. Her understanding of the client’s needs was superior. Beth had the ability to empathetically provide service to the client with cutting edge skill and ability. I give Beth top recommendations as a Holistic Health Coach.” 
J. Trail, Maryland

“Beth is an intelligent, intuitive, kind, and caring health coach. Her service is grounded, not only through her educational experiences but through her life experiences, as well. Beth’s focus on self-care and living life in line with your true self showers enlightenment in the hearts and minds with all of whom she interacts. In addition, her incredible self-awareness allows her to teach these tools to others so their lives can truly thrive. I highly recommend Beth’s coaching and teaching offerings!”  
E. Kleopa, New Life Wellness