What They Are Saying About Beth…

The flower essence session I had with Beth Bluth was one of the more profound and illuminating experiences I’ve had in recent years. . She was able to extrapolate and name specific aspects of struggles, beliefs, or patterns that were arising. Her kind, compassionate nature really supported the process. I never felt shame about having those struggles, rather I felt understood and supported. Each time she was able to identify a dynamic associated with a flower essence, I would feel a noticeable shift in my body. I credit my session with her for helping me to navigate one of the most challenging transitions of my life.
C. Fincher, Asheville, NC

Beth is a compassionate and committed holistic health coach who deeply cares about her clients and partners with them in a way that supports and empowers them. She brings a depth of knowledge and intuition to each session and is quickly able to create a plan to move the client in the direction of their goals. In my first session, Beth was able to identify the perfect Flower Essence for me which supported me in creating new and healthy habits for myself. She is truly a gifted coach and I am forever grateful for her support and guidance!
Mary S., Philadelphia, PA

I am so grateful for my time working with Beth. Her knowledge combined with her intuition and warm manner have made it possible for me to make large shifts for the better in my life. Beth is fearless in her ability to connect to any of my crazy emotional states and she uses the flower essences to gently shift me into relaxed awareness. What I love most about Flower Essences is that they are gentle but powerful. They are very different from herbal or homeopathic medicine. Beth’s knowledge spans various disciplines and I have benefitted from the way she integrates them into our sessions. For example, she has helped me with many nutritional changes that perfectly complement the Flower Essence sessions we’ve had.
H. Cohen, CA